An Encounter with the Giant Pandas of Wolong Nature Reserve, Sichuan, China.

A unique adventure that brings you closer to China's national treasure and symbol of conservation, the Giant Panda. Your donations will go towards our projects to build a better future for this magnificent and critically endangered species.

A Wolong Nature Reserve's Breeding Research Centre, home of giant pandas, over 55 adorable giant pandas await your visit. During your two-day stay at Wolong, you will be taken on a tour to the research centre and find out everything you have ever wanted to know about Giant Pandas. You will get to see how food for the Giant Panda is prepared and witness the heart-melting moments of the panda mums and centre staff caring for the baby pandas. Furthermore, for the energetic and outdoor-loving, there will be a hiking excursion to the beautiful snow-covered Balang Mountains near by, or you may choose a leisurely stroll in the Wuyipeng panda observation station to explore the rich and wondrous wildlife. Be on the look out for any rustling in the bamboo bushes!

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