Rare giant panda cub born in Tokyo zoo

The images show the black and white pattern developing on its fur.

cute giant panda cub

The female cub as yet has not been named. Tokyo’s government says it will start collecting ideas for its name from public from later this week.

The cub was born on June 12 to mother panda Shin Shin at Ueno Zoo. ShinShin previous cub, born in 2012, survived only six days.

Due to concern over the health of the cub, the zoo has yet to show off the baby panda to the public.

cute baby panda

Panda-shaped solar power plant opens in China

The Panda Power Plant, with a capacity of 100 megawatts, was connected to the grid in late June in the hills of Datong, Shanxi province. The plant, located in northeastern China, spans 248 acres and is in the testing phase and is producing 50 megawatts of energy. It is expected to be fully integrated into the grid by Aug.10.

giant panda shaped power plant

The project is the world’s first of several panda-shaped solar farms expected to be constructed. The current solar farm highlights two baby pandas, while farms in the shape of two adult pandas will eventually be added.

Plus, there’s more pandas on the way. Panda Green Energy’s Panda 100 Program plans to build many more adorable green energy sites — enough to power 3.2 billion kWh of green electricity over 25 years, according to a release. That’s comparable to saving 1.056 million tons of coal, or reducing 2.74 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, the project notes.

more panda solar power plant