Six interesting facts about the giant panda

There are only black and white colors on pandas that they don't have any camouflage. Is it too dangerous for them to live inside the wood?

Not really! In the world of animals, those whose have big eyes are regarded as something big. The big black circles around pandas' eyes make them look like big animals with big eyes. When enemies discover pandas, they think that the pandas have huge bodies and thus they were discouraged from attacking the pandas.

Giant pandas are holy vegetarians?

In fact giant pandas do eat meats! In order to gain more protein for their offspring(s), wild pandas become bamboo rat predators during pregnancy. However, this only occurs on wild panda mothers. Other pandas eat bamboo only and are real vegetarians.

How many bamboo do a panda eat everyday?

Generally, a giant panda in zoo eat up to 10kg of bamboo per day. For a wild panda, they may eat more then 20kg bamboo, as they have to lose energy on food searching.

What do giant pandas like to do?

There are only eating, playing and sleeping in pandas' lives. And they eat up to 16 hours every day!

Do pandas have any leisure activities?

Although giant pandas have such fat bodies, they do have fun by themselves. They love and also good at tree climbing!

The pandas always rub their hips on somewhere like the bottom of trees. Are they itching?

No, of course! Giant pandas are solitary animals. Like other animals, they always want to set up their region of power. When they rub their hips on trees, they are leaving their own scent mark there. This help preventing others from getting into their own places.

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